Accomplished Wish List – Part 1

Quote what Barbara Ann Kipfer, Author 14,000 things to be happy about, said “How may times we started a sentence with words “In my lifetime, I want to…?” Perhaps what we wanted is something grand, sometimes, it is something tiny, either side, by making the list and check the done, will make you realize that an achievement is not always a big thing, but the small ones is something that you need to thanked of. Here’s the wish list based on my version that already accomplished, yaayyy!!

  1. Achieve more than is expected of me, faster, more efficient, at less cost, for greater impact.
  2. Take part in geological survey, that was three times, two times at Karang Sambung and once in Bantarujeg. That was possible because of my major in mining engineering submajor exploration.
  3. Develop close friendships with people of different generations. Recently iam responsible for project that need to coordinate with 55 more yo and supervising the internship 21 yo for document control.
  4. Learn to speed read, by reading at main, centre, and last paragraph to get the big ideas for each chapter.
  5. Spend a day surfing the internet. Thats what i do at my fourth year in the university, reading comics, looking for refferences, jobs and scholarships.
  6. Watch a cat give birth to a litter of kittens. Not only watch but also i am the nurse. T_T She thought i was the father.
  7. Type 80 words a minute. They say i am the faster typer without looking at the screen but my typing style still like angry by hitting the button, not by pushing it. LOL.
  8. Submit a suggestion that saves money for the company. Yes, i submit two ideas, ones to do the document selves, so it can saves roughly USD 50,000 per document  project while we have 10 project running at the same time, Basically we issued two documents per project, so it saves USD 1,000,000.
  9. Finish paying off my college loans. I dont have loans to pay my university fee.
  10. Stand on the shore and roar back at the ocean as loud as I can. But I want to do it, again! 😀
  11. Acknowledge my weaknesses. Im impatient and stubborn.
  12. Have tea with the wipped cream, in Sbux, green tea with caramel, yummm!
  13. Go rafting with 3rd grade in Citarik river.
  14. Do pure science when i was at my first university year. My friends differ NaOH and NaCl by licking it to find the salty ones. LOL.
  15. Live independently and magnanimously. Too independent i guess. 😀
  16. Set a record in the sport I’m best at. Im good as striker in the futsal, in my company’s annual birthday, always set one goal and score more for volleyball.
  17. Overtip, sometimes i do it when he/she looks need more.
  18. Save a half-year’s salary. Done.
  19. Study philosophy. Ever do it. Now just too sleepy to read slow plot.
  20. Serve as the emcee of an evening’s entertainment. Had became an emcee at national symposium which Mineral Resources and Energy Minister invited.
  21. Wear only comfortable shoes. Sometimes like I dont care if its still new and stiff, i just jammed.
  22. Receive two dozen roses from an admirer. Its not a boy admirer, but my univ yunior and GFF at my graduation. But still need to be thanked.
  23. Trek the jungle of Borneo. Include the swamp area. Fortunately we found no leech.
  24. Smell the freshness of the soil after a rain, want to bottle one as a perfume. The freshness is just speechless.
  25. Set aside time each day to be totally alone. I guess its too much for me.
  26. Eat oreos without guilt. I dont know why do i have to feel guilt to eat it, is it because of fat? I dont care. But the fact that it contains chemical and preservative is the main thing.
  27. Written in the newspaper. Once when im in highschool, one of the local restaurant cut the trees in the frontyard and beat us down when pass using motorcycle.
  28. Cook a perfect omelet. Using margarine, small blaze, enough salt, and onion, shuffle, hmmm.
  29. Determine what is the one things in life I want most, happiness, as simple as that.
  30. Take my family on arranged vacations to Lombok, delivered in May.
  31. Travel to Bali to hear gamelan music on its native ground. Cant differ with Javanese gamelan.
  32. Stick to my convictions even in the face of hostile opposition. Said before im stubborn. 😀
  33. Be asked for the recipe for something I’ve cooked. I think they asked me for the sambal recipe, LOL, because thats my specialties, both spicy and salty.
  34. Walk on stilts on the 17th August.
  35. Choose how to live the last year of my life. Wanna stay in one quiet and mild ambiance place without worrying to earn money.
  36. Revisit my childhood home with my siblings. We still live at the same house as we child and will move on this August.
  37. Pull a drowning person to safety – even one who’s drowning in despair. Cant resist when somebody needs a hand.
  38. Nurse a sick animal back to health, bird and cat. Half of them went heal and another are gone.
  39. Teach high school student privately in my third university year, it feels so good to earn own money.
  40. Pay off my credit cards. I dont want to have a debt more than one month period, that way will restrict me to have bigger expense than benefit.
  41. Operate an Ouija board in my elementary school and they say i am a liar, but i didnt move it.
  42. Mud slide in the rain. Guess everybody’s in my childhood village just love to play in the rain.
  43. Ever need only five hours of sleep. There’s certain period of it when i feel like wanna using my time effectively, but i guess my health restrain me from doing that.

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