Sweet Escape In My 25th Birthday – Part 1

I was there on 19th-21th August 2011. Remembering something? Yes, it was in the Ramadhan month. But i skipped because on that day i got my period. So, the trip was fun! Here we go the  story..I took half day permit on Friday, 19th August 2011 at 3 pm from my boss coz gotta catch flight 6.30 pm by Lion Air (they say aum air-LOL), IDR 700k and they suggest me to allocate time at least 4 hour to queue immigration. The plan is i go there with my GFF, Gece. But she didnt make it on time so here i go on my first trip to foreign, alone.

I landed around 08.30 pm at Changi Airport and took an hour to immigration, it wasnt long, the airport is big and i am looking for information centre, to ask MRT’s map. I have no luggage just tripod and one small pack. So it was 09.30 pm when i tried to got out to the airport bus to bring me to MRT’s station. The airport has so many stairs. -_-‘,  I went down five downstairs or more and find the tourist information centre and ask how to go to Chinatown, my friends suggest to stay there. It took another an hour to find the airport bus and go to the edge of terminal 3 (i am landed in Terminal 2) for MRT’s. Price for one times direction around SGD 2, you need to collect the coin coz sometimes SGD 5 or 10 is hard to read by the ticket machines.

I ride East West line and change to Joo Koon direction then switch to North East Line at Outram Park heading to Punggol. Its quite easy to know where we had to stop, by looking the indicator lamp that shown up at the map station above the door or just count how many times stop before youre destination. I finally arrived at Chinatown at 11.30 pm. In Jakarta i’ve never walk at such time alone and homeless. But it is new experience and exciting! J I chose the wayout to Pagoda street and its quite alive with the orange lampion all over the street and people are busy with their food and talks, found no hotel at these street, turn left and met mosque street. Car number started with SGN and the park fee is SGD 1 during Monday to Saturday, 08.30 am to 05.00 pm, SGD 8.5 a day*26 day a month equals to SGD 221 or IDR 1.5 M a month. 😀 The price is half reduce along non work time.

There are three backpacker hotels, Pillows and Toast, one with karaoke, and Econ Inn. I decided to stay at Econ Inn coz it looks new (Mosque st 18, +6562251233, sales.eict@econinn.com) for SGD 30/night for female dorms contain four bed, TV, hotwater, AC, internet, no meal, met Indonesian couple here and Australian girl 21st age from. The indonesian suggest pillow and toast but always fullbooked. You not need to worry if you want to upload ur photo coz there are two internet cafe down street. Found some consecration on these street after closing their shop.

Hotel checked! Lets grab something to eat! I went down to South Bridge Road and ate some Malay food, curry. Price is SGD 4.5, tea SGD 1.5, mineral water SGD 1. Its already over midnight but there still some reservation made. Along with full stomach and happy face, lets enjoy Chinatown ambiance at night! Im pretty sure that every city has different ambiance at noon and night. I saw why the street named mosque street, near that street there is Jamae (Chulia) mosque and across the street Sri Mariamman temple stand. Its quite clear and peaceful night.

I walked to up cross street and found the Mid Autumn Festival 2011 in Chinatown, i wonder, their season is summer and rain. The two level bus like in Harry Potter exist in Singapore. Found another Hotel 81, rated on tripadvisor.co.uk 2011, bus schedule and price around SGD 2.5 i didnt try it yet, In these street, there are three big building, People’s Park Centre, Chinatown Point, and Hong Lim Complex, dont ask me what the building function coz i dont know. Its nice to know if you are a vegetarian, then you accomodated in here. I had just know that in Chinatown, somebody’s backyard is a small street so you can bypass to another road. Enough with the walking, its already 2 am, time to rest and we’re gonna face big day at morning.

I had a very good time to sleep till wake up at 8 am -_-‘. Dont forget to take map from the hotel. The Australian girl join me to Clarke Quay, one station away from Chinatown, alongside Riverwalk Galleria. If you took the HIPPO River Cruise price SGD 15 for adult and SGD 9 for children, 24 hours pass, you’ll start from here (+6563386877). You can took another tour, SGD 23 for topless bus city sightseeing, but if you’d like to walk, just hop on and off the MRT. It will be nice to stay at cafes near Clarke Quay, enjoy the river ambiance at night, but the price is quite expensive for backpackers like me. J From the Clarke Quay, i decided to walk folow the river via Boat Quay and Battery road to Fullerton, dont forget to wear sunblock SPF 50 and hat, its hot! Try to fold your map as small as possible and look at it when its seldom people to not attract bad people attention. Its quite easy to use map in Singapore, all you need is find out at what street you are and for the direction find a building near you that exist in the map, put the map exactly at your now position and youre ready to go to your next destination! Actually you can ride MRT to Raffles Place, but it took switch twice, beside when youre in MRT, you’ll never know what exist along the road you passed. Thanks God from that, i knew that 10-15 minutes walk equals to one stop MRT. So, if you like to walk, Singapore will indulge you, just prepare your foot!

Fullerton is one big luxury building and previously General Post Office where every vessel should report. Singapore is known for has the strategic trading route. Joseph Conrad Korzeniowski, who made Singapore and whole Southeast Asia better known to the world. He served French and British merchant vessel, sailed to Southeast Asia and Australia several times. He made voyages to Singapore 1883-1888, Singapore was his homeport for five month during 1887-1888. His impression to Singapore poured in his stories, The End of the Tether, 1902.

Its one stop place to took photos,coz alongside the Fullerton Singapore is Merlion Park. You can found the replica Merlion in the same area. Merlion is a symbol to welcome all visitors to Singapore, installed in 1972 by Prime Minister at that time. Across the Merlion statue you can see the Art Science Museum and Marina Bay Sands, which is known for the Casino at the Bayfront Avenue. We walked via Esplanade Drive to Raffles Avenue to see Esplanade Theatres On The Bay and Marina Square Shopping Mall. We’re trough the Esplanade Park where people have a picnic here and The Theatre Concert Hall. Beside the Concert Hall, there are Outdoor Theatre and Stage at Powerhouse, at that time luckily we’re able to listen group recital by free.

Because its hot, we used building route via Raffles Link to Raffles Boulevard, we passed Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre, behind that was Suntec City Mall, we have many malls in Jakarta so i dont put interest in entering. T_T Instead, we’re heading to Singapore flyer, the number of the passenger just incredible! Price is SGD 29.5, poor my pocket and time to queue, coz the theme is backpacker so i deciced to skip it, my aim is to see many place in many street. While heading to Marina Bay, we passed Greek Theatre still in the Singapore Flyer surround, i can imagine myself practice drama in it. I thought the metalic wall of the Marina Bay Sands was solid, but it was a metal slat which get swing. I am pretty surprised coz i acknowledged some people accent are from Surabaya. We’re allowed to use the elevator until more or less 35 floor switch elevator at 15th, CMIIW. There are nothing at 35 floor, and i just know we need to pay around SGD 20 at the 1st floor if we want up to the casinos, they say they have swimming pool at the building shape almost like ship in Marina Bay Sands. Can you imagine how much the power needed to pump the water at such height? Wew :O

Its already 2 pm, my feet felt burnt, so we’re gonna back to the hotel, unfortunately, the nearest MRT’s station is in the Temasek Avenue, Promenade. X) Be patient girl, backpacker cant grumble. X) Here we go, near 32 deg Celcius on foot 15 minutes. At 3 pm we arrived at the hotel and nap for like two hour.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Escape In My 25th Birthday – Part 1

  1. Freddy May 14, 2013 / 12:23 pm

    A fascinating discussion is worth comment. I think that
    you ought to write more about this subject matter, it might not be a taboo matter but
    generally people do not speak about such issues.
    To the next! Many thanks!!

    • travellingaddict May 14, 2013 / 1:45 pm

      Thanks for the suggestion, i’ll open up my eyes to new things and write what crossed in mind at that time.

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