Craziness In University Life (Bachelor Degree)

Hey yo! Remember my post named list things to bring during travelling? I said that i have two ideas, one idea already become blog. This one is the others. Yep! The craziness in university life!

  1. At 2005-2006, Bandung still has cool climate, the temperature at night is around 16-18 deg C. But, we go to McD wearing short pants at 11 pm to buy ice cream.
  2. Hiking the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain (around 2.000 m above sea level) at 12 am, arrive at 2 am, and come home at 6 am. I sang doraemon song to bring such innocence in the dark night.
  3. Wear high school uniforms to attend mineralogy test, wanna wear it again. 😀
  4. No sleep for 30 hours due to road trip driving, me as a navigator (kinda not fair if I slept without accompany driver to keep awake). 9 hours by bus, 16 hours by car, and 5 hours for preparation.
  5. Make a one eye-ghost-photo by spreading hair in front of my face during stuck in the one night learn before exam.
  6. Do the headbang due to headache after trying to understand material test at 2 am.
  7. Pass the ‘half’ area at 11 pm just to feel the adrenaline rush when we pull the motorcycle gas at the high speed.
  8. Went out to McD at 2 am, to watch the World Football Campionship, and we are the only girl, do dare to dare within break times, wipe the tables when lost playing cards.
  9. Go to regeneration after finished perform traditional dance on stage, i just got occassion to wipe the make up and do nothing with the sanggul hair. So i came to regeneration with sanggul.
  10. Slept in campus to finish my final project assignment, do the modelling until 5.30 am (stay up at night) sleep for one hour in the chair and went back home, come back to campus at 9 or 10 am. (Hey, the floor is spooky).
  11. Have an organization meeting, start up at 7 pm and end up at 5 pm at tomorrow (day +1) because of many division programs to be accounted and the succession also occur.
  12. Split the hair dye for 2 of my BF and acted as if we are in the beauty parlor. We washed the hair while lay in bed and using the small bucket act as if it is beauty parlor. We done that at 12 am.:D 
  13. My friends lick the NaOH and NaCl liquid to differ which one is NaCl (he assumes the salty ones).

So, thats all I remember of my 4 year of university life, I will make the part 2 once i got the list updated. The summary is when in university year, your life will no longer far away from stay up night, conquer the city, do your hobby (thats the right time to deepen your hobby) especially travelling if you like to, because once you entered work, you have the money but have no time. Play hard and learn (not so) hard, do the study group.



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