Jakarta Characteristics

Its been five months i didnt post on my blog. Based on own reason, i need to make at least two blogs a month, thats quite a bit, isnt it? 😀 Because of that reason, i need to catch up the target, eleven post this month, hehe. Rather than make one long blog, id rather make a short one, but often. 😀 Thats a way to bring the will to write up. For this ocassion, i want to write about Jakarta’s characteristics.

  1. Jakarta is a nice place to stay if you live near office and didnt like to go anywhere if you dont need to or if you work in the South Jakarta, find a home at Central Jakarta, by going in the contrary direction, you already avoid got stuck in the traffic jam.
  2. When you are in rush, -as long as not to the direction of traffic jam- its much more cheaper and faster to ride public transportation (busway and commuter line) than taxi, because they have their own line.
  3. You will love the fact that almost everything can be delivered to your home.
  4. You will also love the fact that you can find almost all kind of food here.
  5. Dont forget to mention, you can find various price of fashion, from Tanah Abang to Plaza Indonesia.
  6. A little bit difficult to find taxi in Jakarta, Friday after office, Saturday night, rainy day, and combination of those three.
  7. When you go to airport from South Jakarta close to East Jakarta and decided to pass the Kuningan – Grogol route especially at Monday and Friday for domestic routes, allocates 3-4 hour to got stuck in the traffic jam if you have flight at 9 am – 2 pm. 
  8. …… Err, i forgot, ill update this blog once i remember. J

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