Solo City’s Trip, 26-28 Feb 2016, Between Food & Culture

We are invited to the wedding of one of our female classmate in university. Her invitation wedding is so cool. It contains short itinerary on where to go in Solo City & what type of food we should eat while we are here. Seems like, she promotes Solo City to the wedding party attendees, brilliant! Solo is the short name of Surakarta. I departed from Jakarta using JT-530 at 7.30 PM (IDR 850k return), so i went to T3 Soekarno-Hatta airport at 3.50 PM from office using 4.10 PM Damri in Pasar Minggu (IDR 40k). TIPS! Allocate 3h to go to airport, especially in Friday evening.

Day 1, Friday, 26 Feb 2016. Arrived in Adi Soemarmo Airport Solo around 9.15 PM (delayed 30 min) & took airport taxi to Hotel Amarelo Solo 34 min (IDR 85k). Taxi price is fixed & didnt use metre/argo (most of the taxi), it’s the characteristic of airport taxi if not in the capital province. While on the taxi, i do look outside the window, looking a place i can head to, but mostly closed. I head to Amarelo’s rooftop restaurant (in weekend they opened until 11 PM) & order fried rice & iced tea (IDR 35k). My room mate arrived from Solo Balapan Train Station 8min by ojek driver (IDR 20k). While the other girls gonna be arrived at 4 AM from the same station & 9.10 AM next morning from airport (you can use Batik Solo Trans at IDR 7k from airport to halte Slamet Riyadi then walk 100m).

The superior room quite comfy with twin bed & hot shower at IDR 500k for 2D & deluxe room at IDR 600k for 2D, no breakfast. The difference is deluxe room has kettle to boil water & terrace so they obtained light from outside as well. While in superior room, you cant tell the difference between day & night, since your window is wall. The car park is small if you bring / rent car (IDR 300k non bbm incl driver), contact Mr Anton +62 82226336999, he will asked 30% DP. If you want saving on breakfast, you can stay in favehotel (6 km from airport) at same price with Amarelo.

Day 2, Saturday, 27 Feb 2016. Since the wedding held at 7 PM, we can play at our heart content until 4 PM & wear our “tiger” costume. 😀 We departed from hotel at 10 AM and head to Rumah Makan Adem Ayem to eat Gudeg Ceker Nusantara Solo, 9 min. In here we spent IDR 218k for 5 people & 1 kid (count 6 peoples) / IDR 44k/people. You should try their krecek, it taste really good. I do like gudeg in Solo because it tastes spicy instead sweet like the one in Jogja. After full, we head 9min to Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat & Museum Keraton Surakarta (entry price IDR 20k).

You can see antique cannon, sword, gun, gold box, horse & man carriage, mask dance & many more in Museum Keraton Surakarta that is used by Pakubuwono Kings (split heirs of Mataram Kingdom). While in Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat, you can see the palace of Pakubuwono Kings built in 1675 combines Javanese & European style (marked by white statue), the palace is big & clean. TIPS! If you’re traveling with kids < 4 yo, avoid dark places. Around 1 PM, we go to Masjid Agung Surakarta to pray. Its an old mosque that has been renovated i guess.

Starving, we eat at Warung Selat Mbak Lies (19min) at 2 PM. We ordered selat lidah & selat bestik, it’s mixed food between Dutch & Javanese, contain beef tongue, potato, beans, cabbage, red onion, tofu, carrot, lettuce, white sauce with sweet sauce (tasted like soy). We spent IDR 131k here or IDR 21.8k/people. As for dessert, we eat ice cream at Es Krim Tentrem Solo near our hotel at Slamet Riyadi Street (14min), you should try their green tea scope ice cream, taste GOOD at IDR 18k. :9 At 4 PM, we back to hotel (7min) & take a power nap before going to the wedding.

Wear our kutubaru & go to the wedding at 8 PM in Graha Saba Buana Solo (16min). It turns out, my friend do catering for Solo’s autentique food such as timlo (soup made from seasoned chicken liver, egg & fried pastry with meat filling), soto (soup contains meat, sprout, etc), satay (chopped chicken in stick), gudeg (made from young jackfruit, coconut milk, palm sugar & various spices), serabi (pancake made from coconut milk), markobar (nutella stuffed pancake). Another brilliant idea from her, so you wont left Solo saying i dont have many times to do all the culinary, cz she provides for you! Satay & markobar tasted GOOD!

And oh, her wedding photo’s theme is movie cover, like Mr & Mrs Smith pose, simple yet unique, first time i see, she is so creative! We go back to hotel at 10 PM and some of us go to Social Kitchen to enjoy Solo at night. The girls enjoy the chat about whom they are closed with at moment. But i ruined it with my sneeze, suddenly i got flu. So we head back to hotel at 12 PM. (Sorry girls…)

Day 3, Sunday, 28 Feb 2016. Due to my flight at 1.40 PM, today we just eat breakfast+lunch & buy souvenirs, we checked out at 10 AM. We go to Bale Padi Solo (16min) as we expect to eat in saung / in the middle of paddy rice like in mulih ka desa in Garut, West Java. It was not like we expected, but the food is OK. We spent IDR 157k (IDR 21.6k for 6 people). It’s bit surprising the cheap food price in Solo. We get used to expensive food price when eating outside in Jakarta (>IDR 70k/people). Bale Padi used prasmanan style, they served various vegetable & side dish (fish, chicken, seafood, etc) like in Sundanese restaurant.

After that, around 11 PM, we head to Batik Laweyan Solo (14min). I already web check in & didnt bring baggage so i have to go to airport max at 12.30 PM. Beside Laweyan, you can go to Kauman & Pusat Grosir Solo to buy batik (famous traditional clothes in Java Island, often used for office & wedding occassion) at price around IDR 150-500k. You can also buy batik in Danar Hadi, Keris, Semar for good quality at price around IDR 350k-900k. Well then, the driver dropped both of us to airport, one to Citra travel to go to Semarang (0888 0652 6226), one going to airport later & one already depart to Jogja using prameks train at 5 AM. Turned out my flight delayed 1.5h. 😦

Actually, there still lot of places you can visit in Solo such as Museum Batik Danar Hadi, Sriwedari Park, Museum Radya Pustaka, Ngarsopura Night Market, Pura Mangkunegaran, Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara (old locomotive train, IDR 100k to ride), Windujenar Antique Market, Sahasra Adhi Pura (sunset spot on Hindu temple). While for 1-2h destination from Solo, you can go to Candi Sukuh & Tawangmangu waterfalls (to Mount Lawu direction, borderline between Central & East Java Province), Jogjakarta (a friendly Heritage Town), Prambanan & Borobudur (large buddhist temple, UNESCO world heritage site), Mount Merapi (do jeep ride at active volcano IDR 350k) & Sangiran Early Man Site (discovery fossil of Pithecanthropus Erectus, UNESCO world heritage site).

Budget for Solo City Trip for 3D2N is IDR 1788k (cheap enough isnt it?) 😀 I think its already minimum budget for 3D2N in Solo, except if you eliminate souvenirs, try to arrive within Batik Solo Trans operational hour (last bus 8 PM i think), & walk/ojek around Solo, you can save up to IDR 325k.

  1. Flight CGK-SOC IDR 850k return.
  2. Damri Airport IDR 80k return.
  3. Taxi from Airport to Hotel IDR 85k.
  4. Rent Car + Fuel + Driver Tips (IDR 600k + 250k + 150k)/5 people = IDR 200k/people.
  5. Hotel 2D IDR 300k/people.
  6. Entrance fee IDR 20k/people.
  7. Eat IDR 153k for 3D2N (5 times) or IDR 31k/eat/people.
  8. Souvenirs IDR 100k (Surabi Notosuman).

How? Did you interested to do weekend escape in Solo? 🙂 You can contact me for my planned Solo City trip itinerary. As for Jogja Trip, i will write after posting Sri Lanka trip, yossah! Salam ransel!






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