in Love with North Sumatra, 15-17 Jul ’16 – Trip Preparation

Since few years ago, I’ve been wanting to go to North Sumatra to visit Samosir Island in Toba Lake. Chance is coming from office assignment to meet partner candidate. I was already assigned to West Kalimantan for another job, my supervisor said to go to Medan, so i asked to extend the ticket until Sunday at 5 PM. I observe the hotel is not that expensive compared to same brand if stay in Jakarta, maybe they adjust the price tailored to local purchase parity. One funny thing is due to the bed very comfy, I took pic of the spec, includes bed, pillow, linen & sheet, comforter duvet. The bed spec is one of wellknown brand, so no wonder. They used 2 piles of pillow, big one put as base is made from 70% feather & 30% down size 66*66 cm. Long pillow put as top is made from 100% feather size 51*66 cm. Cold climate comforter duvet is used, filled with 90% feather 10% down with 100% cotton shell. Both linen & sheet used Egyptian cotton which only need to be cleaned once in 3 years. As for the sheet, for sure is silk cotton, i love the soft sensation in my feet. Anyhow, i’m not bedding set expert, just one who love good sleep. 😀

Like always, before going to one place, I did research on 3 things, must try food, where to go inside city & where to go outside city (my specialties). Here is the plan list route! Let’s start from destination outside city (to Toba Lake via Brastagi head back to Medan in same day), need 7h to travel return and 3-5h to enjoy scenery :

  1. Asam kumbang crocodile breeding, 30 min from Medan city center.
  2. Tangkahan, 40 min from penangkaran buaya (South direction).
  3. Sipiso-piso waterfall, 2 hour from Tangkahan.
  4. Sidikalang city (their coffee is my favorite), 75 min from Sipiso-piso waterfall.
  5. Museum Huta Bolon Siamanindo in Samosir Island, 2 hour 30 min from Sidikalang.

Sounds good, until I called car rent & tell my plan. I rent car incl driver excl fuel, IDR 400k/day with avanza, IDR 500k/day with innova. Because I’m alone, I used smaller one. You can contact Mr Richard Fernando at +6281262520057 to rent car. He suggest to stay in Parapat so I can enjoy Toba Lake, the trip change route from via Brastagi to via Siantar. He said, route to Toba from Brastagi is going uphill & usually there’s traffic from contrary direction so gonna take longer time, while route to Toba from Siantar is easier. From past experience, I better listen to local guide cz they knew situation better. Then I recalculate budget. Before changed, my budget plan is IDR 1200k as follows:

  1. Rent car 1 day = IDR 400k
  2. Hostel 1 day = IDR 250k
  3. Fuel = IDR 250k
  4. Eat 2 person 2 times = IDR 100k
  5. Souvenir = IDR 100k
  6. Driver tips 1 day = IDR 100k

After changed, my budget became IDR 1900k as follows :

  1. Rent car 2 day = IDR 800k
  2. Hostel 1 day 2 room = IDR 450k
  3. Fuel = IDR 250k
  4. Eat 2 person 4 times = IDR 200k
  5. Driver tips 2 day = IDR 200k

After thinking, additional IDR 700k compared to slower pace & safety of travel, I decided to give it a go, beside, while I’m in North Sumatra, I must enjoy to the fullest! Well, solo traveler ain’t cheap. Let’s continue with destination inside Medan city :

  1. Merdeka Walk, place where many food vendors & park became one.
  2. Kesawan Square, get used to free car zone, so people can stroll around old building.
  3. Masjid Raya, in Indonesia usually one of autenthique place to visit is the mosque.
  4. Maimuna Palace, you can dress up like an Indonesian king & queen here.
  5. Tjong A Fie Mansion, old Chinese house in Dutch colonial era.

Last one and my favorite part is must try food in Medan city! :9 You can see the food picture from this reference. Prepare your stomach & let’s eat a lot! Having travelmate means you can share the portion & eat more, ahaha.

  1. Sipirok restaurant at Sunggal st, meat soup IDR 19k, 10 AM-3 PM
  2. Tabona restaurant at Mangkubumi st, served curry, IDR 27k, 7 AM-10 AM
  3. Soto kesawan w/ various topping (beef, prawn, chicken) at Pemuda st, IDR 18k, 6 AM-2 PM
  4. Soto sinar pagi at Sungai Deli st, their gravy is good, IDR 25k, 7.30 AM-2 PM
  5. Kopi apek at Hindu st, served w/ kaya toast, IDR 25k, established since 1922, 6 AM-12 AM
  6. Tip top cafe at Pemuda st, ice cream specialties IDR 20k, 8 AM-10 PM, place to relax
  7. Kumango mushroom chicken noodle at Mangkubumi st, IDR 25k, 11 AM-10 PM
  8. Hawkers at Semarang st, mostly Chinese food, note halal label, 6 PM-1 AM
  9. Pagaruyung near Cambridge City Square, served Indonesian & Indian food, 6 PM-1 AM
  10. Wajir seafood at Kolonel Sugiono st, try steam tiociu fish IDR 18k, 3 PM-11 PM
  11. Durian Ucok at Wahid Hasyim St, IDR 30k, 24h, they served durian pancake too
  12. Titi bobrok noodle at Setiabudi st, crab noodle, IDR 27k, 11 AM-12 PM, popular dish
  13. Boiled shell at Gatot Subroto st, served with fresh sour sauce, IDR 15k, 6 PM-1 AM
  14. Satay padang Al Fresco at Merdeka Walk, IDR 18k, 5 PM-10 PM

Very long list, isn’t it? Haha, they say Medan specialties is their food so this gunna be culinary trip. That’s all my preparation for Medan trip, let’s continue on next post on my experience in Medan city, chao! 😀



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