in Love with North Sumatra, 14-15 Jul ’16, Day 1-2

Continued from trip preparation posting, now i’m gonna told stories about the trip it self. Here we go!

Day 1, Thursday, 14 Jul 2016 Trying to finished my duty quickly so i can joined the team to eat Durian Ucok at night! 😀 This is my first time to see an ATM in durian stall. As if, they said don’t worry if you didn’t bring money, you can draw it in here. The place is BIG and FULL. They even divide the room between AC & non AC. There’s Durian Pancake as well if you want to bring it as souvenirs, they wrapped it tight so the aroma couldn’t escaped. I’m not a durian lover, but ate like 3-4 durian, haha. It cost around IDR 25k/fruit.


  1. Single durian fruit or they called it jantung, generally tasted sweet, choose this one.
  2. Stop eating when you’re feeling hot or when you feel like heavy on your back neck, it can be mean that your cholesterol level is rising.
  3. To minimalized durian fragrance from your hand & mouth, pour water into durian skin, drink it first then used the second poured water to wash your hand.                                                          img-20160714-wa0007

Day 2, Friday, 15 Jul 2016 Started the adventure with culinary at lunch time, I ordered blue bird taxi from app, picked Soto Kesawan in Pemuda st because there are several must visit spot within those area. But before, asked the driver to stopped by Soto Sinar Pagi because it’s on same route, turn out closed by that time. 12 AM & Soto Kesawan already run out of prawn & beef, so i ordered chicken. Can’t explain the taste, but in my guess, it’s gonna tasted good with prawn. Ordered half portion (got to spare stomach storage) cost IDR 18k. Checking the list, found that Tip Top Restaurant only 130 m or 2 min walk. Aha! After eating, ice cream is the best choice. In the beginning operation in 1929, Tip Top was called Jangkie, the owner’s name, at that time, they only sold bread & cake in Pandu st. The clients of the restaurant at that time were the employees who worked in administration & plantation clark. Rented a shop in Kesawan st at 1934, they made more western menu & ice cream. Ordered Moorkop at IDR 20k, vanilla ice cream scoop & at the top of ice cream they put 2 sponge bread poured with chocolate sauce. I think it’s a good place to unwind. Finished at 2 PM, checked nearest destination, that would be Kopi Apek. Typed the name in Google Maps (GMaps) & it lead me to Kedai Kopi Kesawan, its only 210 m or 2 min walk. Went there & it didn’t look like it. So, I searched the address in GMaps, Hindu St 37th, 350 m or 4 min walk. Arrived & confused, Kopi Apek doesn’t have board shop, asked local & they pointed 1 small white building but it’s closed (it only opened until 11 AM).

When in Tip Top, saw Tjong A Fie Mansion on the right side of restaurant, so i walked there 500 m or 6 min walk. Opened until 5 PM, entry price is IDR 40k & they gave you guide, walked on my own didn’t like idea someone follow while enjoying time. Tjong A Fie was from Mainland China, he headed to East Coast of Sumatra in 1877, established new life in Sulatanate of Deli. He built thriving grocery business. Upon seeing his success, Dutch Government appointed him as government official with initial rank liutenant to take care of social affairs especially Chinese communities. Later, he built Medan by building place of workship & orphanage. He also appointed as honorary officer of Ching Dynasty. Eversince 1895, he became a philantropy. His motto is Success & Glory Consists Not in What I Have Gotten But in What I Have Given”. Saw someone house & I think you can guess his habit & personality from the interior. His house were huge, neat, but simple furnishing. One remarkable thing is he has lots of reading room & several worship place. It’s as if he spend lots of time to read & maintain his spiritual needs. Well, that’s inspiring. Spent 2h here until 5 PM, really do enjoy here with my camera. Went back to the hotel using taxi to rest a bit.

Went out again after 8 PM using taxi as well for 20 min, first dinner stop is Titi bobrok noodle at Setiabudi st, can’t wait to eat Acehnese food! Surprised the place is big & has 2 floors but still so crowded, ordered crab noodle & es teh tarik for 35k. Waited 20 mins to tasted a little heaven, the food is spicy as expected, & big portion, haha. Didn’t think I’m able to gobble Kumango mushroom chicken noodle, in Pagaruyung, nor Wajir seafood as planned, so ended up (still) eating Boiled shell IDR 15k at Gatot Subroto st 7 min drive, thought that it’s gunna be light snack which actually heavy, LOL. The fresh sour sauce feels right with the boiled shell, add a little salt in my guess will add the yummy-ness.

Full tummy made me want to stroll to take a pic, so next destination is Maimuna Palace 22 min drive, good thing the outer gate still opened at 9 PM & it’s free, we can’t enter the Palace but can still take pic from outside. The palace color shined with yellow lamp made it looks like almost a real palace with golden color at night, cameraable! Continue 6 min drive to Masjid Raya Medan Al Ma’sun, outer gate is already closed, so took pic from outside instead, the lamp gave fog ambiance. Third stop at 10 PM is Merdeka Walk in Kesawan area, 9 min driving. Lots of old building built since colonial era shown by white color in this area.  Thought that Merdeka Walk is a public park instead food court, wanna try Satay Padang Al Fresco here but they are closed. Walked around the area & finally found park entry. Suddenly flashback rushed into my mind, last time i felt this sensation is in Vientianne in 2013. The comfortable feeling when you observed other people, the slow pace, night ambiance. I feel like tourist in my own home country, it’s like wearing new glasses (read : new perspective). After this long, I see the problems lied outside of me. While actually we only can control ourselves. To solved things, we need to bring the perspective inside us, change ourselves first rather than asking other people to change. Be proactive. It made me reborn. Outside you’re still same person, inside brand new person. After got this enlightment, I head back to hotel 3 min driving & rest for tomorrow 7 AM trip.


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