6 Good Listening Foreign Indie / Pop / Folk Song – Part 3

Hai hai, ketemu lagi, getol-getolnya nulis 🙂 Sourcenya diambil dari soundcloud, klink link untuk mendengarkan lagunya di youtube ya, enjoy your weekend!

  1. Wild – Hold Us Together (beatnya enak, liriknya juga oke buat karaoke) “Give me the song inside your soul / give me the words to sing along”
  2. Freedom Fry – Shaky Ground (lagunya lucu, apalagi pas bagian reff-nya nanana hey hey!) “When the sun is in my eyes / we will still be dancing / on shaky ground”
  3. Myzica – Believer (ngga nemu di youtube euy, lagunya kalem pisan)
  4. Patrick James – All About to Change (reff-nya enakeun. This song is written based on the idea that everyone at some stage is lost or struggling with something in their lives but find a way to turn that around and move on.)
  5. Fran Pitcher – She Reminds Me Of The 80s (ngga nemu liriknya, hehe)
  6. Charlion – Alibi (agak ngga kerasa kayak indie) “The devils at your door / i’ve seen this before / swallowed by demons / she take the bullet for you”

Liriknya bisa dibrowsing disini, kalau mau gitaran / ukulele / piano bisa nyontek chordnya disini


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