6 Good Listening Foreign Indie / Pop / Folk Song – Part 3

Hai hai, ketemu lagi, getol-getolnya nulis 🙂 Sourcenya diambil dari soundcloud, klink link untuk mendengarkan lagunya di youtube ya, enjoy your weekend!

  1. Wild – Hold Us Together (beatnya enak, liriknya juga oke buat karaoke) “Give me the song inside your soul / give me the words to sing along”
  2. Freedom Fry – Shaky Ground (lagunya lucu, apalagi pas bagian reff-nya nanana hey hey!) “When the sun is in my eyes / we will still be dancing / on shaky ground”
  3. Myzica – Believer (ngga nemu di youtube euy, lagunya kalem pisan)
  4. Patrick James – All About to Change (reff-nya enakeun. This song is written based on the idea that everyone at some stage is lost or struggling with something in their lives but find a way to turn that around and move on.)
  5. Fran Pitcher – She Reminds Me Of The 80s (ngga nemu liriknya, hehe)
  6. Charlion – Alibi (agak ngga kerasa kayak indie) “The devils at your door / i’ve seen this before / swallowed by demons / she take the bullet for you”

Liriknya bisa dibrowsing disini, kalau mau gitaran / ukulele / piano bisa nyontek chordnya disini


10 Good Listening Indonesian Indie / Pop / Folk Song – Part 3

Hi, been away for 2 months, nice to meet you again dear readers! :* Nulis itu ngangenin, namun menjadi kemewahan selama 2 bulan ini, 1.5 bulannya karena lagi karantina kerjaan & 0.5 bulannya lagi dipake ngelayap. 😀 Bikin list lagu gini gampang-gampang susah, kalo pas lagi nemu yang cocok, bisa langsung dapet banyak, kalo lagi ngga cocok, suka susah nemu, walau cuma 1 lagu. Untuk Indonesian Indie / Pop / Folk Song, ane dah ada list 10 lagu selain yang akan ditulis di list ini, sabar tunggu tanggal tayangnya yah. 😉

  1. Fana Merah Jambu – Intronya di detik ke-17 oke, “berdansa sore hariku …” *sing
  2. Black Coffee Monologue – Sweet Lullaby – “and I can’t sleep before you kiss me one more time …”
  3. Payung Teduh – Angin Pujaan Hujan – Awalan lagunya enak banget “sang pujaan tak juga datang, rinduku berbuah lara …”
  4. ParaHyena – Penari – “Ooo mengapa penari gemulai tubuhnya …”
  5. Piggy Marmoset – Cerita Tentang Pohon – Kesan tentang lagu ini, tegar. “Dia menemani setiap musim berganti. Dia kekasih hati sang bumi …”
  6. MarcoMarche – Senja dan Mentari – Entah kenapa lagu yang judulnya ada senjanya menurut ane terasa damai, tuh di liriknya juga ada XD “Damaiku jika kau ada …”
  7. Cabrini Asteriska – Distance – Suasana lagunya agak sedih “While my heart is screaming, we need to stand strong in the game”
  8. Littelute – Berlibur ke Poznan – Kalo yang ini lirik lagunya ceria 😀 “Ku ingin pergi ke Poznan, berkeliling berbelanja”
  9. Anda – Dalam Suatu Masa – “Denganmu satu hati, denganmu satu mimpi …”
  10. Danilla Riyadi – Ada Di Sana – Ini adem banget lagunya 🙂 “Sudikah kiranya kau mengizinkan diriku tuk sejenak berkunjung ke dalam hatimu …”

Klik link di atas untuk mendengarkan musiknya di youtube ya 🙂 Lagunya kebanyakan nemu di soundcloud. Semoga postingan ini bisa memuaskan dahaga para pecinta Local Indie Music. 🙂 Tunggu tanggal main 10 Good Listening Indonesian Indie / Pop / Folk Song – Part 4 ya! 😉

in Love with North Sumatra, 16-17 Jul ’16, Day 3-4


Hellooo, continued my previous post, we’re gonna visit Toba Lake today, yayy! *excited*

Day 1, Saturday, 16 Jul 2016  Woke up at 6 AM to be picked up at 7 AM then heading to Siantar, our estimation is arrived there at 10.30 AM to enjoy the famous Kok Tong coffee & legendary Ganda bakery. :9 Haha, by now you should’ve noticed that I eat wherever I go. After reached Tanjung Morawa, we had heavy rain, comfortable to sleep. Woke up 1 hour later, arrived in Tebing Tinggi, along the way seen people sold Lemang at IDR 15k (traditional food made of glutinuous rice, coconut milk & salt served in sliced bamboo). It should be tasted a little salty, maybe because served cold the taste bit different. Heard that Pematang Siantar has fried pigeon, we wanna try. It was 11 AM, turned out the restaurant wasn’t open yet, so we had lunch at random cafe. They have soft nut bread filled with green beans almost similar with bakpia from Yogyakarta, but bigger, thicker crust & served with sesame topping. Feeling full, we depart to Parapat at 12 PM. Around 2.30 PM, there was change of scenery, stunning hills with lake view. I feel anticipated.


Arrived at Ajibata port & tried to buy ferry ticket to Tomok port in Samosir (island in the middle of Toba Lake) with 2.30 PM schedule at IDR 115k (include car). Here for the ferry schedule. Suddenly someone tap my shoulder & pointed out the car queue to ride the ferry. He showed his number, 40. He said the ferry can only brings max 30 car one way to Samosir. It means we have to wait until 5.45 PM. We looked for other alternative & go to Tigaraja port, 750 m or 3 min by car, the boat departed at 3.20 PM, here for the schedule so we can ride the last boat from Tomok port in Samosir at 6.30 PM (we have 3 hours to explore). We have to left the car as the boat only can bring 40 people. The boat ticket cost us IDR 20k for 2 people, me & the driver, for 30 minutes. There will be people who comes to you & asking money for the boat ticket.


TIPS! If you wanna bring car & spend longer time in Samosir Island, depart 7h before 1st ferry schedule in Ajibata port at 8.30 AM (around 01.30 AM) from Medan. The 2nd deck with softer seat has same price, you can sit comfortably in there (we thought the price is higher since looks comfy, we didn’t dare to sit inside).

Arrived in Tomok port & we have to walk passed through local market to find motorbike rent. There was no board sign where we can rent motorbike. My guide talked to one souvenir stand seller & called his 2 friends to become guide for us. At first they asked IDR 200k for 2 people but I asked my guide to bargain until IDR 120k for 2 people for 1.5h (+motorbike). Deal. They took us first to Toba Lake scenery near hotel with Samosir typical red roof. Then we head to Parulubalangan, where animism worship held. The entrance is free & there’s no one beside us that visit here, there’s a totem at the top. The place is picturable but somehow feels mystical. My guide forbid me to pointed object while in there. After that, we head to stone chair of King Siallagan (Huta Siallagan Museum). There are 5-6 Batak common house made from wood (replica of old Batak village) complete with Schand Block. Entering the house, they have loom & kitchen placed in center of the house, bed on the other side. There are totem pole outside too, I don’t know yet what they represent of. And at the top of the stair there’s tomb of the King.

There’s still 1.5h left to explore, the guide took us to Huta Tinggi (if you follow the road, it will lead to Aek Natonang, lake above lake), took 30 minutes to went here from Tomok port by motorbike. We didn’t use the same road as we departed, but the parallel road on the mountain side. It was pretty with 5 PM light. As the elevation increase, the air is getting chiller, we left our jacket on car… The view keeps getting better until we found warung (small shop) where we can drink tea & enjoy the view. It was soo pretty, I can’t get enough of it. Tried many angle of Toba Lake pic from here, includes trying to make replica sakura with Fuji mountain view -which failed. We went down to Tomok port at 5.45 PM & eat dinner at warung near Tomok port at 6.15 PM. It was a good decision to ride the last boat 6.30 PM to Parapat (IDR 20k for 2 people). Turned out inside the cabin, they have karaoke. They played Batak song, I didn’t understand the language, but everyone sang & have fun. Even the captain held the steer on right hand & the mic on left hand. It’s safe, don’t worry. The song they played & the wind made me think, it was Saturday night, I was alone & on the boat, not how girl would spent their Sat night. I wasn’t really alone of course, there are the driver & passenger on the boat. Strangers, but felt warm. I wasn’t really prepared for this Toba trip. Unlike other trip abroad, I made loose itinerary. I don’t know how to explore or what to see in Samosir Island. But it worked & I enjoyed it. Its 7 PM by the time we arrived at Tigaraja port & head to Melissa Hotel Parapat to rest before long journey back to Medan tomorrow at 7 AM (I booked 2 room from booking.com @IDR 200k per room without breakfast). Good night, sleep well…

TIPS! Spent minimum 1 full day to explore Samosir Island, stay 1 night if you want to chill swimming. Another destination you can visit in Samosir Island are Batu Hoda beach, Parbaba white sand, Aek Natonang lake, or just follow the road & see where it takes you. 🙂

Day 2, Sunday, 17 Jul 2016 Meowning! Today we’re gonna head to Sipiso-piso waterfall, one of water source of Toba Lake. But before, the driver asked me if his father in Siantar can join us to go to Medan. Since there’s still a lot of seat, i agreed to it. If the same thing happen to you & you don’t want to, you can say no. Later I’m saved by his father driving skill when chase 5 PM flight. It took us 4h from 7 AM to go to Sipiso-piso waterfall. On route Siantar to Sipiso-piso waterfall, we visit ancient Raya King & his wife tomb (1828-1889), in google maps it’s shown by Guru Raya Sidasuha tag. The driver asked me to pose with the tomb as background. Me like, “Euh, no thanks, it feels like something gonna grabbed me from behind if I do that, ahaha.” Near Sipiso-piso waterfall there is pretty hill that made me think North Sumatra is beautiful. Arriving in Sipiso-piso waterfall entrance, we paid IDR 10k for 1 car & around 15 min from the entrance, there is stunning view of Toba Lake, you’ll see the sign, many motor & car stopped in the side of road. You’ll go woah on this one. We enjoyed the waterfall view from above, as we saw many stairs heading down & didn’t have much time. 😀 Seen few foreign tourists here, the beautifulness of North Sumatra has attracted them… It was my last list destination as they say we have to arrived in Brastagi at latest by 2 PM, after that the road gonna be too crowded. So I have to come back next time to visit Sidikalang city, Tangkahan & Asam Kumbang crocodile breeding. I want to visit Leuser National Park too (I’m a national park fans). Well, 2D1N to explore every corner of North Sumatra wasn’t enough, you’ll need min 4-6 days.

Saying till I see you again to Toba Lake, we’re heading to Medan city via Brastagi, it took us 3h from 11 AM include lunch. The driver then stopped by at 2 PM in Taman Alam Lumbini, replica of Shwedagon temple in Myanmar. It was pretty & bring back good memories of Myanmar in 2014… Only the difference, we can’t go in when pray time. The entrance cost IDR 20k/person. From here, it was already 3 PM, it took 2.5h to go to Kuala Namu airport, my flight is at 5 PM, see how crazy I am, still enjoying the view despite tight schedule. 😀 Knowing this, the driver tried to go with 80 kmph speed or up, but can’t do this fully in first 1.5h because the road is small going downhill, has sharp turn & many cars on the contrary direction. It really need skill & patience to drive in North Sumatra. The condition road is exact as described by the driver before we start the trip, I’m glad that I listened to him. The rest of the trip fill with tense, the feeling of can-I-made-it-on-time-to-airport. Usually I heard the stories of my friend did that. Now I’m the one experienced it, haha. Arrived in South of Medan city at 4 PM & it took 30 min to go to Kuala Namu airport. We made it safe & on time thanks to my driver’s father driving skill.

Thank you North Sumatra, you are prettier than I imagined. 🙂

in Love with North Sumatra, 14-15 Jul ’16, Day 1-2

Continued from trip preparation posting, now i’m gonna told stories about the trip it self. Here we go!

Day 1, Thursday, 14 Jul 2016 Trying to finished my duty quickly so i can joined the team to eat Durian Ucok at night! 😀 This is my first time to see an ATM in durian stall. As if, they said don’t worry if you didn’t bring money, you can draw it in here. The place is BIG and FULL. They even divide the room between AC & non AC. There’s Durian Pancake as well if you want to bring it as souvenirs, they wrapped it tight so the aroma couldn’t escaped. I’m not a durian lover, but ate like 3-4 durian, haha. It cost around IDR 25k/fruit.


  1. Single durian fruit or they called it jantung, generally tasted sweet, choose this one.
  2. Stop eating when you’re feeling hot or when you feel like heavy on your back neck, it can be mean that your cholesterol level is rising.
  3. To minimalized durian fragrance from your hand & mouth, pour water into durian skin, drink it first then used the second poured water to wash your hand.                                                          img-20160714-wa0007

Day 2, Friday, 15 Jul 2016 Started the adventure with culinary at lunch time, I ordered blue bird taxi from app, picked Soto Kesawan in Pemuda st because there are several must visit spot within those area. But before, asked the driver to stopped by Soto Sinar Pagi because it’s on same route, turn out closed by that time. 12 AM & Soto Kesawan already run out of prawn & beef, so i ordered chicken. Can’t explain the taste, but in my guess, it’s gonna tasted good with prawn. Ordered half portion (got to spare stomach storage) cost IDR 18k. Checking the list, found that Tip Top Restaurant only 130 m or 2 min walk. Aha! After eating, ice cream is the best choice. In the beginning operation in 1929, Tip Top was called Jangkie, the owner’s name, at that time, they only sold bread & cake in Pandu st. The clients of the restaurant at that time were the employees who worked in administration & plantation clark. Rented a shop in Kesawan st at 1934, they made more western menu & ice cream. Ordered Moorkop at IDR 20k, vanilla ice cream scoop & at the top of ice cream they put 2 sponge bread poured with chocolate sauce. I think it’s a good place to unwind. Finished at 2 PM, checked nearest destination, that would be Kopi Apek. Typed the name in Google Maps (GMaps) & it lead me to Kedai Kopi Kesawan, its only 210 m or 2 min walk. Went there & it didn’t look like it. So, I searched the address in GMaps, Hindu St 37th, 350 m or 4 min walk. Arrived & confused, Kopi Apek doesn’t have board shop, asked local & they pointed 1 small white building but it’s closed (it only opened until 11 AM).

When in Tip Top, saw Tjong A Fie Mansion on the right side of restaurant, so i walked there 500 m or 6 min walk. Opened until 5 PM, entry price is IDR 40k & they gave you guide, walked on my own didn’t like idea someone follow while enjoying time. Tjong A Fie was from Mainland China, he headed to East Coast of Sumatra in 1877, established new life in Sulatanate of Deli. He built thriving grocery business. Upon seeing his success, Dutch Government appointed him as government official with initial rank liutenant to take care of social affairs especially Chinese communities. Later, he built Medan by building place of workship & orphanage. He also appointed as honorary officer of Ching Dynasty. Eversince 1895, he became a philantropy. His motto is Success & Glory Consists Not in What I Have Gotten But in What I Have Given”. Saw someone house & I think you can guess his habit & personality from the interior. His house were huge, neat, but simple furnishing. One remarkable thing is he has lots of reading room & several worship place. It’s as if he spend lots of time to read & maintain his spiritual needs. Well, that’s inspiring. Spent 2h here until 5 PM, really do enjoy here with my camera. Went back to the hotel using taxi to rest a bit.

Went out again after 8 PM using taxi as well for 20 min, first dinner stop is Titi bobrok noodle at Setiabudi st, can’t wait to eat Acehnese food! Surprised the place is big & has 2 floors but still so crowded, ordered crab noodle & es teh tarik for 35k. Waited 20 mins to tasted a little heaven, the food is spicy as expected, & big portion, haha. Didn’t think I’m able to gobble Kumango mushroom chicken noodle, in Pagaruyung, nor Wajir seafood as planned, so ended up (still) eating Boiled shell IDR 15k at Gatot Subroto st 7 min drive, thought that it’s gunna be light snack which actually heavy, LOL. The fresh sour sauce feels right with the boiled shell, add a little salt in my guess will add the yummy-ness.

Full tummy made me want to stroll to take a pic, so next destination is Maimuna Palace 22 min drive, good thing the outer gate still opened at 9 PM & it’s free, we can’t enter the Palace but can still take pic from outside. The palace color shined with yellow lamp made it looks like almost a real palace with golden color at night, cameraable! Continue 6 min drive to Masjid Raya Medan Al Ma’sun, outer gate is already closed, so took pic from outside instead, the lamp gave fog ambiance. Third stop at 10 PM is Merdeka Walk in Kesawan area, 9 min driving. Lots of old building built since colonial era shown by white color in this area.  Thought that Merdeka Walk is a public park instead food court, wanna try Satay Padang Al Fresco here but they are closed. Walked around the area & finally found park entry. Suddenly flashback rushed into my mind, last time i felt this sensation is in Vientianne in 2013. The comfortable feeling when you observed other people, the slow pace, night ambiance. I feel like tourist in my own home country, it’s like wearing new glasses (read : new perspective). After this long, I see the problems lied outside of me. While actually we only can control ourselves. To solved things, we need to bring the perspective inside us, change ourselves first rather than asking other people to change. Be proactive. It made me reborn. Outside you’re still same person, inside brand new person. After got this enlightment, I head back to hotel 3 min driving & rest for tomorrow 7 AM trip.

in Love with North Sumatra, 15-17 Jul ’16 – Trip Preparation

Since few years ago, I’ve been wanting to go to North Sumatra to visit Samosir Island in Toba Lake. Chance is coming from office assignment to meet partner candidate. I was already assigned to West Kalimantan for another job, my supervisor said to go to Medan, so i asked to extend the ticket until Sunday at 5 PM. I observe the hotel is not that expensive compared to same brand if stay in Jakarta, maybe they adjust the price tailored to local purchase parity. One funny thing is due to the bed very comfy, I took pic of the spec, includes bed, pillow, linen & sheet, comforter duvet. The bed spec is one of wellknown brand, so no wonder. They used 2 piles of pillow, big one put as base is made from 70% feather & 30% down size 66*66 cm. Long pillow put as top is made from 100% feather size 51*66 cm. Cold climate comforter duvet is used, filled with 90% feather 10% down with 100% cotton shell. Both linen & sheet used Egyptian cotton which only need to be cleaned once in 3 years. As for the sheet, for sure is silk cotton, i love the soft sensation in my feet. Anyhow, i’m not bedding set expert, just one who love good sleep. 😀

Like always, before going to one place, I did research on 3 things, must try food, where to go inside city & where to go outside city (my specialties). Here is the plan list route! Let’s start from destination outside city (to Toba Lake via Brastagi head back to Medan in same day), need 7h to travel return and 3-5h to enjoy scenery :

  1. Asam kumbang crocodile breeding, 30 min from Medan city center.
  2. Tangkahan, 40 min from penangkaran buaya (South direction).
  3. Sipiso-piso waterfall, 2 hour from Tangkahan.
  4. Sidikalang city (their coffee is my favorite), 75 min from Sipiso-piso waterfall.
  5. Museum Huta Bolon Siamanindo in Samosir Island, 2 hour 30 min from Sidikalang.

Sounds good, until I called car rent & tell my plan. I rent car incl driver excl fuel, IDR 400k/day with avanza, IDR 500k/day with innova. Because I’m alone, I used smaller one. You can contact Mr Richard Fernando at +6281262520057 to rent car. He suggest to stay in Parapat so I can enjoy Toba Lake, the trip change route from via Brastagi to via Siantar. He said, route to Toba from Brastagi is going uphill & usually there’s traffic from contrary direction so gonna take longer time, while route to Toba from Siantar is easier. From past experience, I better listen to local guide cz they knew situation better. Then I recalculate budget. Before changed, my budget plan is IDR 1200k as follows:

  1. Rent car 1 day = IDR 400k
  2. Hostel 1 day = IDR 250k
  3. Fuel = IDR 250k
  4. Eat 2 person 2 times = IDR 100k
  5. Souvenir = IDR 100k
  6. Driver tips 1 day = IDR 100k

After changed, my budget became IDR 1900k as follows :

  1. Rent car 2 day = IDR 800k
  2. Hostel 1 day 2 room = IDR 450k
  3. Fuel = IDR 250k
  4. Eat 2 person 4 times = IDR 200k
  5. Driver tips 2 day = IDR 200k

After thinking, additional IDR 700k compared to slower pace & safety of travel, I decided to give it a go, beside, while I’m in North Sumatra, I must enjoy to the fullest! Well, solo traveler ain’t cheap. Let’s continue with destination inside Medan city :

  1. Merdeka Walk, place where many food vendors & park became one.
  2. Kesawan Square, get used to free car zone, so people can stroll around old building.
  3. Masjid Raya, in Indonesia usually one of autenthique place to visit is the mosque.
  4. Maimuna Palace, you can dress up like an Indonesian king & queen here.
  5. Tjong A Fie Mansion, old Chinese house in Dutch colonial era.

Last one and my favorite part is must try food in Medan city! :9 You can see the food picture from this reference. Prepare your stomach & let’s eat a lot! Having travelmate means you can share the portion & eat more, ahaha.

  1. Sipirok restaurant at Sunggal st, meat soup IDR 19k, 10 AM-3 PM
  2. Tabona restaurant at Mangkubumi st, served curry, IDR 27k, 7 AM-10 AM
  3. Soto kesawan w/ various topping (beef, prawn, chicken) at Pemuda st, IDR 18k, 6 AM-2 PM
  4. Soto sinar pagi at Sungai Deli st, their gravy is good, IDR 25k, 7.30 AM-2 PM
  5. Kopi apek at Hindu st, served w/ kaya toast, IDR 25k, established since 1922, 6 AM-12 AM
  6. Tip top cafe at Pemuda st, ice cream specialties IDR 20k, 8 AM-10 PM, place to relax
  7. Kumango mushroom chicken noodle at Mangkubumi st, IDR 25k, 11 AM-10 PM
  8. Hawkers at Semarang st, mostly Chinese food, note halal label, 6 PM-1 AM
  9. Pagaruyung near Cambridge City Square, served Indonesian & Indian food, 6 PM-1 AM
  10. Wajir seafood at Kolonel Sugiono st, try steam tiociu fish IDR 18k, 3 PM-11 PM
  11. Durian Ucok at Wahid Hasyim St, IDR 30k, 24h, they served durian pancake too
  12. Titi bobrok noodle at Setiabudi st, crab noodle, IDR 27k, 11 AM-12 PM, popular dish
  13. Boiled shell at Gatot Subroto st, served with fresh sour sauce, IDR 15k, 6 PM-1 AM
  14. Satay padang Al Fresco at Merdeka Walk, IDR 18k, 5 PM-10 PM

Very long list, isn’t it? Haha, they say Medan specialties is their food so this gunna be culinary trip. That’s all my preparation for Medan trip, let’s continue on next post on my experience in Medan city, chao! 😀


10 Good Listening Indie / Pop / Folk Song

Take a break dr nulis postingan jalan-jalan, lg pengen nulis list lagu indie / pop / folk yg setia menemani, berperan sbg mood booster & liriknya ‘kena’. 🙂 Nama depan adl nama pengarang & nama belakang adl judul lagu. Kebanyakan ane dpt listnya dari soundcloud & youtube, follow IndieAir sm AlexRainbird Music channel, tiap bulan mereka publish 20 lagu indie/pop/folk dr various singer. Dr situ ane dengerin satu-satu. Bisa ditebak, yg masuk ke playlist mostly nadanya ceria (bisa buat joget) :D, bisa dijadiin OST/ ada konten ttg liburan, flirting XD, kalem, etc. Klik di listnya utk direct link dengerin musiknya di youtube ya. 🙂

  1. Anthem Academy – Good Life
  2. Simen Mitlid – Vacation
  3. Baby Bird – You’re Gorgeous
  4. Dum-chang – Chopsticks
  5. Zayde Wolf – Live Life
  6. Austin Plane – Never Come Back Again
  7. Exes – Twenty Thousand
  8. Sheare – Nothing
  9. Charles William – Where You Wanna Be
  10. Philip Nolan – Baby Bird

Ini bagian dr liriknya yg bikin ane suka 🙂 Ngga semuanya ada link ke liriknya, pls enjoy the direct link to lyric for the available one.

  1. Anthem Academy – Good Life. “Living a good life will make life much more easy. Good life, good friends & good feeling!” Ini OST ketika ane ngerasa grateful, lihat senja yg cantik & have memorable moment. Lagu ini mengingatkan utk lebih terbuka dg orang baru, selalu mengelilingi dr sendiri dg teman2 & live at present. Ane dikirimi link TED Talk-What Makes a Good Life? Surprisingly, jawabannya keep connected to people & good quality of relationship. I guess that what makes me change from ISTJ to ESTJ. 😀
  • Simen Mitlid – Vacation. Beatnya enakeun, “…running for your lives, lalala.”
  • Baby Bird – You’re Gorgeous. Reff-nya agak flirting, “Because you’re gorgeous, I’d do anything for you.”
  • Dum-chang – Chopsticks. Lagunya dr awal bikin pengen joget, ceria banget, “…back to the very staaart…”
  • Zayde Wolf – Live Life. Lagunya ngingetin supaya live life to the fullest, “Live life, like you never had.”
  • Austin Plane – Never Come Back Again. Ini OST dr rasa penasaran ane, what it feels like to be the one who chase the dream away.. “I wanna see the world, I wanna sail the ocean, I wanna know what it feels like to never come back again…”
  • Exes – Twenty Thousand. Lagunya unik & feminin, “…you are my first love…”
  • Sheare – Nothing. Lagunya kalem, “…Nothing at all… Keep falling, keep falling, keep falling in love…”
  • Charles William – Where You Wanna Be. Lagu ini ngingetin ane untuk ngukur apakah ane masih belonged to di tempat yg sekarang. “Every second, every minute, every hour. Feel the moment, feel the people, feel the power. Are you where you wanna be. Seeing what you wanna see.”
  • Philip Nolan – Baby Bird. Lagunya kalem, enakeun. “He woke up in a cold world that day, heart numb fighting his demons away, the war inside went on too long, years have passed & time moves on, I really miss you my old friend, maybe some day we’ll meet again.”

    I’ll be back next time to bring another 10 indie/pop/folk song. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the music! 🙂 Here is bonus tips, dear readers, because caring means sharing. :*

    Akhir-akhir ini, ane kena insomnia, pake tools ini biar bisa tidur cepet. 🙂

  • Searching di soundcloud pake hashtag #piano #sleep, nemu playlist 1h-nya pixeladed le, relaxing soft piano music to sleep & study.
  • Download aplikasi brain wave di app store trus pake delta (0.2-3.0 Hz) buat tidur. Ane pake 0.1 Hz udah merem. Pas mau konsentrasi kerja, pake beta (12.0-27.0 Hz), ane pake 12.0 Hz. Ntah sugesti/ngga, i feels that it worked on me. The result may vary for other people.



  • Sri Lanka Trip Preparation

    Berawal browsing AA dari KUL (biasanya murah dr sana) Aug 2015 pas istirahat siang (ngga tahu lagi promo day 1), ane nyari destinasi liburan 4-9 Mar 2016 (6D5N cuti 2D). Pilihannya antara lain Korea, Sri Lanka & Manila @IDR 1.6-1.8 jt PP. Nge-WA temen, dia bilang Sri Lanka aja, anti mainstream, bener juga sih. Trus ane inget pernah lihat Adam’s Peak di Nat Geo, konon disanalah Nabi Adam AS diturunkan dari surga (ada jejak kakinya), caption itu berkesan & membuat ane berbisik “someday, i will go there.” Ane issued tiket secara impulsif IDR 1.7 jt PP. Pas udah bikin itinerary, rupanya 6D5N ngga cukup karena jarak antar destinasi jauh. Ane lupa bulan apa, AA memberi kabar kalo tiket diresched > 1 day, ane bisa ubah tanggal pulang jadi Minggu, 13 Mar 2016 for free! Yayy! 😀

    TIPS! Memilih destinasi liburan gampang-gampang susah. Biasanya, ane ngelist harga KUL-destinasi, nyocokin sama budget (USD 50/day utk SE Asia), tanya ke temen yg mau diajak ngetrip buat share cost, nyari destinasi yg ada koneksi sm inner self & milih dr sana.

    Visa SL is next! Waktu itu ada 3 pilihan: VoA (USD 35), via online 5 menit tapi ngga ada cap di passpor (USD 30), mengurus ke kedubes Srilanka di Jl Diponegoro No 70, Menteng. Ane pilih VoA biar ngga ribet & ngga perlu nyiapin dokumen khusus, apalagi masa berlaku passport ane tinggal 5 bulan & baru perpanjang passport 1 minggu sebelum hari H. Temen geleng-geleng ngeliat kenekadan ane (tenang, ane pernah baru dapet visa pas hari H, bahahaha).

    Cek suhu di tempat tujuan. Biar ngga salah kostum. Suhu Kota Colombo-Polonnaruwa-Sigiriya-Kandy-Nathannaliya (Dalhoise)-Tissamaharama Feb 2016 berkisar 27-33 deg C & sunny. Suhu Nuwara Eliya-Hatton-Ella 11-23 deg C (mungkin karena elevasi tinggi) & kadang hujan.

    Rent car or public transport? Setelah menghitung budget & browsing, Kami memutuskan pake public transportation. Hasil browsing bilang ,”menyetir di SL memberikan tantangan tersendiri, kita tidak tahu jalan, bahasa & kondisi mobil, kadang jalan padat truk & bus, lebih baik sewa mobil dg supir.” Konsep semula sewa mobil (USD 50-70/day) dg supir, tapi budget membengkak jd IDR 13.4 jt tanpa tiket, sementara budget max kami IDR 10 juta dg tiket.

    Estimasi biaya operasional. Mata uang Sri Lanka adalah Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR). USD to IDR 13.6k, USD to LKR 132, LKR to IDR 105. Budget public transport (inside + between cities) & entrance fee USD 15/day (LKR 1980 or IDR 204k). Budget hotel USD 15/day. Budget makan USD 10/day (LKR 1320 or IDR 136k). Rencananya Kami beli makan di SL karena murah & ngga ada shared kitchen. Contingency USD 140.

    Tuker Duit ke LKR. Ane rencana nuker USD ke LKR di Colombo, karena ngga ada yg jual LKR di Jakarta. Bejo, temen nemu money changer yg jual LKR di Midvalley KUL, 3.25 MYR per 100 LKR, MYR to IDR 3.2k. Ane butuh LKR 64k = 2080 MYR = IDR 6.66 Jt buat 11D10N.

    Barang-barang yang dibawa.

    1. Backpack & cover 30 litre, tas hiking, sandal gunung & kaus kaki pendek 2.
    2. Waterproof jacket & payung, sunglasses & hat, kain pantai.
    3. Baju tidur 1, 3 celana panjang & 5 kaos tipis, kemeja flanel buat luaran pas panas, CD kertas 3 pak (jadwal ngetrip kejar setoran bikin ngga sempet nyuci).
    4. Handuk & peralatan mandi < 75 ml, sunscreen, obat pribadi & obat nyamuk.
    5. Kamera & selfie stick, extention cable & universal adaptor, powerbank & headset.
    6. Wadah minum, notes & pen, itinerary, hotel & tiket, senter & portable mini fan.
    7. Makanan biar ngga bosen kari.

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